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A performance analysis of inverse two-stage dynamic cyclone separator

Liu, Peiqi, Ren, Yintian, Feng, Mingyu, Wang, Di, Hu, Dapeng
Powder technology 2019 v.351 pp. 28-37
coal, cyclone separators, impellers, powders
On account of low removal efficiency of fine coal, low available pressure and large range of gas fluctuation during the CBM exploitation process, an inverse two-stage dynamic cyclone separator is proposed to solve these questions. In the present study, the mechanisms and performance of the separator are investigated through the combination of experimental and numerical methods. The results show that the average separation efficiency of the 5 μm particles in the inverse two-stage dynamic cyclone separatr is 91% when the inlet flow rate of 20, 000 m3/d and rotational speed is 1500 rpm. Moreover, it is found that the pressure drop increases with the increase of the impeller speed and flow rate, and it is roughly linear. The internal rotational flow field of the separator is controlled by adjusting an external motor so that the device can adapt to a wide range of fluctuations. When the impeller speed is 1500 rpm, the separation efficiency of the particle with a mean diameter of 10 μm reduces by 3% when the flow rate increases to 125% of the nominal flow and the separation efficiency increases by 3.5% when the flow rate reduces to 75% of the nominal flow.