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Genetic Stability of Progeny from an Artificial Allotetraploid Carp Using Sperm from Five Fish Species

Ye, Yuzhen, Wang, Zhongwei, Zhou, Jianfeng, Wu, Qingjiang
Biochemical genetics 2009 v.47 no.7-8 pp. 533-539
alleles, carp, genetic stability, microsatellite repeats, mitochondrial DNA, progeny, spermatozoa, tetraploidy
Microsatellite markers and D-loop sequences of mtDNA from a female allotetraploid parent carp and her progenies of generations 1 and 2 induced by sperm of five distant fish species were analyzed. Eleven microsatellite markers were used to identify 48 alleles from the allotetraploid female. The same number of alleles (48) appeared in the first and second generations of the gynogenetic offspring, regardless of the source of the sperm used as an activator. The mtDNA D-loop analysis was performed on the female tetraploid parent, 25 gynogenetic offspring, and 5 sperm-donor species. Fourteen variable sites from the 1,018 bp sequences were observed in the offspring as compared to the female tetraploid parent. Results from D-loop sequence and microsatellite marker analysis showed exclusive maternal transmission, and no genetic information was derived from the father. Our study suggests that progenies of artificial tetraploid carp are genetically stable, which is important for genetic breeding of this tetraploid fish.