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A hierarchical game approach on real-time navigation scheduling of agricultural harvesters

Si, Haiping, Li, Yanling, Sun, Changxia, Qiao, Hongbo, Hu, Xiaohong
Computers and electronics in agriculture 2019 v.162 pp. 112-118
farmers, farms, harvesters, harvesting, models, prices, profits and margins
A navigation scheduling framework for agricultural harvesters (AHs) is proposed, which takes the impacts from both farmer’s demands and dispatch system (DS) into consideration. Farmer’s demands with AHs and the DS are linked in this framework. It benefits farmers and AHs owners by attracting AHs to schedule at rush hours and saving the time of AHs owners with real-time navigation. A hierarchical game approach is proposed based on the formulated framework to effectively navigate AHs to farms that need to harvest (FNHs). And a non-cooperative game is proposed to model the competition between FNHS at the upper level of the hierarchical game. At the lower level, multiple evolutionary games are formulated based on the pricing strategies obtained from the non-cooperative game to evolve AHs’ strategies in choosing FNHs. The simulation results show that the proposed navigation scheduling method is effective in improving both the reliability of the DS and economic profits of AHs owners.