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Applications in geomorphology

Keller, Edward, Adamaitis, Chandler, Alessio, Paul, Anderson, Sarah, Goto, Erica, Gray, Summer, Gurrola, Larry, Morell, Kristin
Geomorphology 2019
anthropology, earthquakes, ecosystem management, engineering, floods, land use, landscapes, landslides, planning, risk, topography, tsunamis
Geomorphology is a pure science with the goal of understanding Earth surface processes and landscape evolution, and it is also an applied science with the goal of addressing the needs of society. With many new high-resolution methods of depicting topography and much improved numerical dating, geomorphologists are working on problems involving rates of surface processes, landscape evolution, and applications to areas of concern to society that were impossible to address a few decades ago.Some of the areas of enquiry where geomorphology has been applied include: natural hazards (landslides, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis), ecosystem management, site anthropology, land-use planning, engineering geology, expert witness testimony, and hazard reduction, assessment, and perception. How people perceive and respond to potential hazards, how their vulnerability can increase their risk, and how preparedness and response can be improved depends as much on the social sciences as on physical science.