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A steady-state equilibrium-based carbon dioxide gasification simulation model for hydrothermally carbonized cow manure

Saha, Pretom, Helal Uddin, M., Toufiq Reza, M.
Energy conversion and management 2019 v.191 pp. 12-22
air, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, cold, cow manure, gasification, hydrochars, hydrogen, simulation models, synthesis gas, temperature
A detailed steady-state equilibrium–based simulation model was developed in Aspen Plus to demonstrate the CO2-gasification process of cow manure-derived hydrochar. Simulation was performed at gasification temperature of 700–1000 °C and equivalence ratio of 0.1–0.6 for HTC treatment temperatures between 180 and 260 °C. Various simulation outputs including gas yield, syngas composition, lower heating value, CO/CO2 conversion efficiency, H2/CO ratio, and cold gas efficiency were evaluated. Simulation results revealed that CO concentration was increased with gasification temperature while H2 concentration was initially increased until 950 °C and decreased afterwards. H2 concentration was also decreased with the increasing equivalence ratio. However, CO concentration increased initially but started to decrease after equivalence ratio of 0.3. Gasification temperature of 850 °C and equivalence ratio of 0.3 resulted in the maximum concentrations of both CO and H2 and lower heating value. Replacing CO2 with air increased the lower heating value as the concentration of H2 was increased compared to the concentration of CO.