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A theoretical study on a novel combined organic Rankine cycle and ejector heat pump

Zhang, Chenghu, Lin, Jiyou, Tan, Yufei
Energy 2019 v.176 pp. 81-90
heat pumps, heat recovery, mixing, statistical models
A novel combined organic Rankine cycle and ejector heat pump is proposed, which combines the organic Rankine cycle and ejector heat pump, and could produce both power output and heat output simultaneously. An ejector is installed on the turbine inlet side to increase the total heat exchange amount of the combined cycle by utilizing the injection capability of the high-pressure primary fluid. Using the heat exchange capacity of the cold source to adjust the matching problem between the primary fluid heat source and secondary fluid heat source. The constant pressure mixing model is used to model the ejector, and a new solution method of the model is proposed. Through the parametric analysis, the results show that the heat exchange of secondary fluid and turbine intake pressure have significant effects on the thermal efficiency and heat recovery capacity. By comparing with the basic organic Rankine cycle, the maximum net power output of the novel combined cycle can be increased by 10.78%, and the maximum heat recovery capacity can be increased by 19.04%.