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Multi-elemental analysis as a tool for characterization and differentiation of Portuguese wines according to their Protected Geographical Indication

Rocha, Sílvia, Pinto, Edgar, Almeida, Agostinho, Fernandes, Eduarda
Food control 2019 v.103 pp. 27-35
bromine, cadmium, cobalt, discriminant analysis, manganese, protected designation of origin, strontium, white wines, zinc, Portugal
Portugal produces unique wines at special demarcated regions (Protected Geographical Indications – PGI) whose quality is increasingly recognized worldwide. The uniqueness of the wines produced at each PGI demands the development of methods that can ensure their quality and authenticity.In this study, it was investigated whether the wines from different Portuguese PGI could be differentiated based on their elemental profile.For this purpose, 60 red and white wine samples, from 6 different PGI were analysed for a wide panel of elements (53) by FAAS and ICP-MS. Discriminant analysis was used to find the elements with discriminant power.Despite the limited set of samples, the results showed that the concentration of several elements (e.g. Ca, Mn, Co, Zn, Br, Sr, Cd, W and Tl) was significantly different among wines and could reliably discriminate the wines from the different PGI regions.