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Bioaugmentation with the sulfur oxidizing Thauera sp. HDD1 for shortening the startup time in the denitrifying sulfide removal process

Zhao, Youkang, Huang, Cong, Ma, Xiaodan, Chen, Fan, Liang, Bin, Wang, Aijie
Bioresource technology reports 2019 pp. 100192
Arcobacter, Azoarcus, Thauera, acetates, bioaugmentation, denitrification, nitrates, sulfur, wastewater
The denitrifying sulfide removal (DSR) process supplied an effective method to recovery S0 and the removal of nitrate from wastewater. However, long startup time limited the application. This study presents an effective strategy of bioaugmentation with the sulfur oxidizing Thauera sp. HDD1 to reducing the startup time in the DSR process. In the bioaugmentation reactors, the removal efficiency of acetate and nitrate reached 87% and 91% on the 3rd day, and S0 generation in bioaugmentation reactor was rapidly improved to 97–144 mg/L. However, the treatment efficiency in the no-bioaugmentation reactor kept stable until day 33–38. Compared with the control, the startup time of DSR process shortened ~35 days. Thauera, Azoarcus, and Arcobacter were proven the core functional genera in the DSR process. Meanwhile, strain HDD1 colonized in bioaugmentation reactors and played an effective role of sulfide oxidization and denitrification during the startup time.