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Oceanobacillus timonensis sp. nov. and Oceanobacillus senegalensis sp. nov., two new moderately halophilic, Gram-stain positive bacteria isolated from stools sample of healthy young Senegalese

Senghor, Bruno, Bassène, Hubert, Khelaifia, Saber, Robert, Catherine, Fournier, Pierre-Edouard, Ruimy, Raymond, Sokhna, Cheikh, Raoult, Didier, Lagier, Jean-Christophe
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 2019 v.112 no.5 pp. 785-796
RNA, children, females, genes, males, new species, phenotype, sodium chloride, villages, Senegal
Oceanobacillus timonensis Marseille-P3532ᵀ (CSUR P3532, CCUG 70981) and Oceanobacillus senegalensis Marseille-P3587ᵀ (CSUR P3587, CCUG 70613), are the type strains of O. timonensis sp. nov. and O. senegalensis sp. nov., respectively. They are moderately halophilic, aerobic, motile and Gram-stain positive bacteria. The strains P3532ᵀ and P3587ᵀ were isolated from stools with 3.8% and 2.1% sodium chloride (NaCl) of healthy 10 year old female and male 7-year-old children, respectively and living respectively at Dielmo and N’diop two villages in Senegal (West Africa). This study aimed to describe the genome and phenotypic characteristics of O. timonensis Marseille-P3532ᵀ and O. senegalensis Marseille-P3587ᵀ. The genomes are 4,485,335 bp long for O. timonensis and 4,300,331 bp for O. senegalensis with 38.78% and 36.92% G+C content, respectively. They contain 4306 and 3979 protein-coding and 87 and 273 RNAs genes, respectively.