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Characterization of full-length VP4 genes of OP354-like P[8] human rotavirus strains detected in Bangladesh representing a novel P[8] subtype

Nagashima, Shigeo, Kobayashi, Nobumichi, Paul, Shyamal Kumar, Alam, Mohammed Mahbub, Chawla-Sarkar, Mamta, Krishnan, Triveni
Archives of virology 2009 v.154 no.8 pp. 1223-1231
genes, genotype, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, sequence analysis, Bangladesh
The G1 and G9 rotavirus strains MMC71 and MMC38 (subgroup II, NSP4 genogroup B), respectively, isolated from children in Bangladesh, were analyzed genetically. Full-length VP4 genes of these strains had 98.9% identity to each other and showed 83.9-89.4% identity to those of the P[4] and P[8] rotaviruses. Phylogenetic analysis of VP4 nucleotide sequences revealed that strains MMC38 and MMC71 were located in a lineage of P[8] strains. However, the cluster was highly divergent from the previously established P[8] strains. The VP8* portions of strains MMC38 and MMC71 showed more than 93.9% nucleotide sequence identity to OP354-like P[8] strains, and these strains were clustered into the same lineage. These findings indicate that the VP4 of these strains should be classified into a subtype of the P[8] genotype (P[8]b) that is distinct from that of common P[8] rotaviruses (P[8]a).