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Assessment of CE-based baseline disturbances using simulation and targeted experimental evaluation—impact on the purity determination of therapeutic proteins

Gu, Yan, Voronov, Sergey, Ding, Julia, Mussa, Nesredin, Li, Zheng Jian
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 2019 v.411 no.11 pp. 2425-2437
biopharmaceuticals, capillary electrophoresis, computer simulation, electrolytes, quality control, sulfates
The baseline instability for capillary electrophoretic analysis is an intrinsic feature of the technique, which has not been thoroughly examined for its impact on therapeutic protein purity analysis with the capillary electrophoresis-sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS) applications. For the particular CE-SDS application, this phenomenon was manifested through peak migration time shifts and sliding of the superimposed baseline profile. These dual phenomena are closely associated so that experimental assessment alone may not shed enough light to the underlying drivers. In the current study, both experimental and simulation approaches were employed to assess the systematic drifts. Computer simulation was used to decipher the two underlying factors and test their contributions toward purity and impurity peak determination inaccuracies. The data generated in this study demonstrated that the electrophoretic baseline disturbance had more pronounced impact on the purity data than the migration time shift. In addition, the potential contributing factors to the baseline disturbances were assessed experimentally which indicated that the source is related to thermal disruption during a sample run and the unique baseline patterns came from the background electrolytes. To improve data reproducibility for drug purity testing in the industrial setting and quality control (QC) environment, it is recommended to run shorter injection sequences including fewer samples and closely monitor the baseline drift for accurate integration. Those methods would help reduce the impact of systematic drift and disturbances. Graphical abstract