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Prokaryotic expression, purification and functional characterization of human FHL3

Huang, Xin, Wang, Jinfeng, Xia, Wenrong, Zou, Minji, Xu, Tao, Jin, Zhe, Cai, Xin, Wang, Yuanyuan, Wang, Jiaxi, Xu, Donggang
Biotechnology letters 2009 v.31 no.10 pp. 1499-1504
Escherichia coli, Western blotting, cDNA libraries, cell growth, complementary DNA, dialysis, genes, humans, plasmids, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, proteins, spleen
Four and a half LIM domain protein 3 (FHL3) is a member of the family of LIM proteins and is involved in myogenesis, cytoskeleton reconstruction, cell growth and differentiation. The full-length FHL3 cDNA was cloned from human spleen cDNA library and inserted in a prokaryotic expression vector pBV220 and then the recombinant plasmid was transformed into E. coli JM109. The expression of the recombinant protein was induced at 42°C. SDS-PAGE analysis showed that recombinant human FHL3 (rhFHL3) was mainly expressed as an inclusion body. After purification by HisTrap FF crude, the rhFHL3 was renatured by dialysis against renaturing buffer and identified by Western blot analysis using human FHL3 polyclonal antibody. The MTT assay showed that the purified rhFHL3 could inhibit HepG2 cell growth but promote the proliferation of ECV304 cells. In addition, the expression of angiogenin (Ang) gene was increased when ECV304 cells were pretreated with rhFHL3.