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Smart All-in-One Thermometer-Heater Nanoprobe Based on Postsynthetical Functionalization of a Eu(III)-Metal–Organic Framework

Yan, Huicheng, Ni, Hongyuhang, Jia, Jianguo, Shan, Changfu, Zhang, Tong, Gong, Yuxin, Li, Xiangkai, Cao, Jing, Wu, Wenyu, Liu, Weisheng, Tang, Yu
Analytical chemistry 2019 v.91 no.8 pp. 5225-5234
Gram-negative bacteria, antibacterial properties, antibiotics, engineering, europium, fluorescence, ions, iron, ligands, monitoring, near infrared radiation, neoplasms, photothermotherapy, temperature
Real-time temperature feedback in tissue based on photothermal therapy is an urgent problem to be solved in cancer treatment. Herein, a smart all-in-one nanoprobe THA@Eu-NMOF@Fe/TA was designed and assembled by postsynthetical functionalization of an Eu(III)-based nanoscale metal–organic framework (Eu-NMOF) with a two-photon-absorbing β-diketonate ligand 4,4,4-trifluoro-1-(9-hexylcarbazol-3-yl)-1,3-butanedione (HTHA) and Fe(III)/tannic acid assembly (Fe/TA). Such a functionalized material can simultaneously achieve the temperature-sensing and optical heating under a single beam of near-infrared (NIR) light. Under 808 nm laser excitation, real-time feedback of temperature by monitoring thermoresponsive fluorescence emission ratio (I₆₁₆/I₅₉₀) and fluorescence lifetime of Eu(III) ions were realized. Meantime, Fe/TA served as the photothermal agent and antibacterial agent to implement photothermal therapy (PTT) and antibacteria simultaneously. The functions of the nanoprobe were proved with ex vivo experiments, and the antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria of the probe was also elaborately evaluated. Our work paves a new avenue for engineering a new cancer treatment probe which can achieve real-time temperature sensing feedback during PTT and antibacterial process.