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Upgrading Pectin Production from Apple Pomace by Acetic Acid Extraction

Luo, Jing, Xu, Yong, Fan, Yimin
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 2019 v.187 no.4 pp. 1300-1311
acetic acid, apple juice, apple pomace, byproducts, galacturonic acid, gels, juice industry, molecular weight, pectins, polymers, sustainable technology, texture, viscosity
Pectin, as one of the most widely used functional polysaccharide, can be abundantly extracted from apple pomace which is the main by-product of apple juice industry. In the case of 110 min, 10% (w/w) acetic acid (AA), and 100 °C, extraction yield of pectin reached 19.6%. Compared with mineral acid-extracted pectin, the yield, molecular weight, galacturonic acid content, and DE of the AA-extracted pectin were higher while neutral sugars were lower. Furthermore, the AA-extracted pectin solution demonstrated a higher viscosity during the shear rate increased, and a higher G″ modulus than pectin extracted with mineral acid and commercial pectin possibly because of stronger polymer chain interaction, which was reflected in gel textural properties. The green approach for the pectin production, in terms of pectin components was developed from apple pomace using AA that was highly competitive and environmentally friendly process.