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Effect of Operating Conditions and Immobilization on Butanol Enhancement in an Extractive Fermentation Using Non-ionic Surfactant

Gedam, Preety S., Raut, Atulkumar N., Dhamole, Pradip B.
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 2019 v.187 no.4 pp. 1424-1436
biomass, butanol, butyric acid, fermentation, nonionic surfactants, pH, solvents
The present study was undertaken in order to investigate effect of diverse parameters such as fermentation media, pH, initial concentration of biomass, different surfactant concentrations, and immobilization on increasing butanol and total solvent production. Cheng’s fermentation media was successfully tested and perceived to increase final solvents concentration. Controlled pH at 12th and 24th hours had negative effect on butanol enhancement; however, it resulted in more butyric acid production which remained accumulated. Ten percent (v/v) biomass was evaluated to increase final solvents concentration and hence butanol yield compared to 20% and 30% (v/v) of initial biomass concentrations. Effect of surfactant concentration (3–20%) was studied on butanol production. Six percent (v/v) L62 resulted in 49% higher final butanol concentration compared to control. Simultaneous immobilization and fermentation showed higher butanol production (16.8 g/L with 6%) which was attributed to partial immobilization of biomass.