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Development and productivity of 'Maxi Gala' apple trees at different planting depths

Macedo, T. A., Sander, G. F., Rufato, A. R., Rufato, L., Kretzschmar, A. A., Magro, M.
Acta horticulturae 2018 no.1228 pp. 113-116
Malus domestica, apples, canopy, cultivars, fruit quality, fruit trees, grafting (plants), growers, latitude, longevity, longitude, orchards, planting depth, rootstocks, technicians, vigor, Brazil
The influence of planting depth on apple trees is a discussion theme between growers, technicians and researchers, about what is the influence on vigor, uniformity and even longevity of the orchard. The aim of this work was to evaluate the vegetative and productive performance of apple trees planted at different depths. The experiment was carried out in Vacaria-RS, Brazil (latitude 28°30’44”S; longitude 50°56’02”W) in 2010 with the cultivar ‘Maxi Gala’ grafted on M.9 rootstock. The treatments consisted of three different planting depths, with the graft union 5 cm above the ground, 10 and 20 cm. Trees planted with the graft union 5 cm above the ground were more vigorous and yielded less. Trees planted with the graft union 20 cm above the ground showed less vigor in the canopy but did not increase yield. Trees with the graft union 10 cm from the ground presented an intermediate vigor and the highest yield. Fruit quality was not influenced by the different planting depths.