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Stretchable Electroluminescent Display Enabled by Graphene-Based Hybrid Electrode

Shin, Heechang, Sharma, Bhupendra K., Lee, Seung Won, Lee, Jae-Bok, Choi, Minwoo, Hu, Luhing, Park, Cheolmin, Choi, Jin Hwan, Kim, Tae Woong, Ahn, Jong-Hyun
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019 v.11 no.15 pp. 14222-14228
deformation, electrochemiluminescence, electrodes, graphene, nanosilver, nanowires, prototypes, robots, rolling, silver
Stretchable alternating-current electroluminescent (ACEL) devices are required due to their potential in wearable, biomedical, e-skin, robotic, lighting, and display applications; however, one of the main hurdles is to achieve uniform electroluminescence with an optimal combination of transparency, conductivity, and stretchability in electrodes. We therefore propose a fabrication scheme involving strategically combining two-dimensional graphene layers with a silver nanowire (Ag NW)-embedded PEDOT:PSS film. The developed hybrid electrode overcomes the limitations of commonly known metallic NWs and ionic conductor-based electrodes for ACEL applications. Furthermore, the potential of the hybrid electrode is realized in demonstrating large-area stretchable ACEL devices composed of an 8 × 8 passive array. The prototype ACEL passive array demonstrates efficient and uniform electroluminescence under high levels of mechanical deformation such as bending, rolling, twisting, and stretching.