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Flexible antenna design on PDMS substrate for implantable bioelectronics applications

Fu, Yusheng, Lei, Jianmin, Zou, Xiao, Guo, Jiuchuan
Electrophoresis 2019 v.40 no.8 pp. 1186-1194
electrophoresis, engineering, models, pork, prototypes
In the current field of biomedical engineering, the research on implanted antennas has attracted more and more attention. This paper presents a flexible terrestrial radiating antenna with circular polarization characteristics that satisfy various requirements for biomedical implantable antennas. The new type of flexible material is adopted and a novel model is proposed. The square ground with small gap is implemented in the proposed antenna. The passive components can match the impedance and meet the requirements of the circular polarization wave. Simulation is carried out in a single layer tissue model to estimate the performance of the antenna and compared with multilayer tissue model. In addition, the flexible circularly polarized antenna has low profile characteristics and a wide axial ratio bandwidth of 250 MHz, ranging from 2.28 to 2.53 GHz. This paper uses pork to simulate single‐layer and multi‐layer tissue model. The flexible circular polarized antenna prototype is placed in the organization model for performance simulation test, and the measurement impedance bandwidth of 500 MHz is realized in the industrial scientific medical frequency band of 2.4–2.48 GHz.