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Microfluidic techniques for tumor cell detection

Tan, Feifei, Wang, Tianbao, Wang, Haishi, Zheng, Yuzheng
Electrophoresis 2019 v.40 no.8 pp. 1230-1244
blood, death, early diagnosis, electric field, electrophoresis, magnetic fields, metastasis, microfluidic technology, neoplasm cells, neoplasms, optical traps
Cancer metastasis is the main cause of cancerÔÇÉrelated death. Early detection of tumor cell in peripheral blood is of great significant to early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer. Over the past two decades, microfluidic technologies have been demonstrated to have great potential for isolating and detecting tumor cell from blood. The present paper reviews microfluidic techniques for tumor cell detection based on various physical principles. The specific methods are categorized into active and passive methods depending on whether extra force field is applied. Working principles of the two methods are explained in detail, including microfluidics combined with optical tweezer, electric field, magnetic field, acoustophoresis, and without extra fields for tumor cell detection. Typical experiments and the results are reviewed. Based on these, research characteristics of the two methods are analyzed.