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Preparative mass‐spectrometry profiling of minor concentrated metabolites in Salicornia gaudichaudiana Moq by high‐speed countercurrent chromatography and off‐line electrospray mass‐spectrometry injection

Costa, Fernanda das Neves, Borges, Ricardo Moreira, Leitão, Gilda Guimarães, Jerz, Gerold
Journal of separation science 2019 v.42 no.8 pp. 1528-1541
Salicornia, chlorogenic acid, countercurrent chromatography, flavonoids, markets, metabolites, molecular weight, tandem mass spectrometry, triterpenoid saponins, vegetables
Salicornia species have just been introduced to the European market as a vegetable named ‘samphire’, ‘green asparagus’, or ‘sea asparagus’. Due to its increasing attention, and associated value, minor compounds of Salicornia gaudichaudiana Moq were investigated. The use of countercurrent chromatography and mass spectrometry enabled the search for known, as well as potentially novel natural products. Their identification was achieved based on molecular weights and mass‐spectrometric fragmentation data. Low detection limits enabled the visualization of all compounds with their identification in almost real time close to the preparative countercurrent chromatography experiment. A list of known natural products from Salicornia genus guided the identification process of compounds occurring in Salicornia gaudichaudiana Moq by tandem mass spectrometry fragment comparison. The natural product classes were divided into four groups: chlorogenic acid derivatives; flavonoid derivatives; pentacyclic triterpenoid saponins; and other compounds.