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Nanoencapsulated phase change material with polydopamine-SiO2 hybrid shell for tough thermo-regulating rigid polyurethane foam

Zhu, Yalin, Qin, Yaosong, Liang, Shuen, Chen, Keping, Wei, Chengsha, Tian, Chunrong, Wang, Jianhua, Luo, Xuan, Zhang, Lin
Thermochimica acta 2019 v.676 pp. 104-114
dopamine, enthalpy, foams, nanocapsules, phase transition, polyurethanes, silica, thermal stability
Novel nanoencapsulated phase change materials (NePCMs) with polydopamine (PDA)-SiO2 hybrid shell material were prepared, and the thickness of PDA layer was highly tunable. The PDA layer was fabricated through oxidative self-polymerization of dopamine in Tris−HCl buffer solution, on preformed NePCMs with SiO2 shell. When Tris−HCl concentration is fixed at 50 mM and dopamine concentration is increased from 2 to 8 g/L, the shell thickness of the obtained NePCMs increases gradually from 27 to 37 nm. Phase change enthalpies of the NePCMs with PDA-SiO2 hybrid shell are reduced slightly with increasing PDA layer thickness. Thermal stability of the as-prepared NePCMs is improved obviously, compared with that of unencapsulated n-octadecane. It is further demonstrated that the NePCMs with PDA-SiO2 hybrid shell can be incorporated into thermo-regulating rigid polyurethane foams with high mechanical performance, due to improved interfacial compatibility and interaction between PDA layer and polyurethane matrix.