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Optimization and validation of ultrasound-assisted extraction for the determination of micro and macro minerals in non-centrifugal sugar by F AAS

dos Santos, Jeferson M., de Andrade, Jucimara Kulek, Galvão, Fernanda, Felsner, Maria L.
Food chemistry 2019 v.292 pp. 66-74
aqueous solutions, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, minerals, solvents, sonication, sugars, ultrasonic treatment, zinc
In this work, the ultrasound-assisted extraction was employed for the first time as a sample treatment in the determination of Mn, Zn, Fe, Mg and Ca in non-centrifugal sugar by F AAS. Parameters that influence the extraction, such as composition of the extraction solvent, sample mass and sonication time were optimized in this work. The optimum condition for the extraction was the proportion of 60:40% (v/v) of HNO3:H2O2 as an extraction solution, 0.100 g of non-centrifugal sugar and 60 min of sonication. Analytical curves were built in an aqueous solution. Low quantification limits for Mn (0.021), Zn (0.008), Fe (0.030), Ca (0.389) and Mg (0.009) mg L−1 were determined, suggesting a good detectability of the methodology. Estimates of repeatability and intermediate precision demonstrated that the precision observed was within the limits recommended in the literature. Good accuracy of the method was verified through the high recovery rates (91–108%).