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Flavonol Polymer Technology for Encapsulation of Liquid Phosphorus Fertilizers for Enabling A Slow-Release Process in Soil to Extend Usability and Reduce Leaching

Masri, Zuhair, Wilhm, Jerry, Underwood, Christopher C., Bancroft, Nicholas T., Eccleton, Jay
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2019 v.50 no.7 pp. 795-810
ammonium polyphosphates, dissolved phosphorus, encapsulation, fertilizer application, flavonols, leaching, liquid fertilizers, liquids, nutrients, orthophosphates, phosphorus, phosphorus fertilizers, phosphorus pentoxide, planting, polymers, soil depth, soil solution
A proprietary Flavonol Polymer Technology (FPT), designed by AgroLiquid, is an agent for encapsulating different chemistries on the polymer by impregnation to provide extended release of nutrients and optimize yield. Based on FPT, FPT-Product (Pro-Germinator®) a 9-24-3 (% N, % P₂O₅, and % K₂O w/w) manufactured to slow the phosphorus release process in soil and extends its usability by the plant. Phosphorus release was evaluated using micro-lysimeters installed in soil and used as a tool for the collection of the plant-usable phosphorus dissolved in the soil solution. A rate of 22 kg of P₂O₅/hectare of liquid formulations was banded in-furrow with four phosphorus liquid fertilizer treatments: (1) orthophosphate (9-18-9), (2) ammonium polyphosphate (10-34-0), (3) FPT-Product (9-24-3), and (4) a control. In-field measurements were collected at 20–60 days after the application for two successive years (2015 and 2016). In both years, averages of measured dissolved phosphorus in the soil solution and exchangeable soil phosphorus at 10-cm soil depth, 20–60 days after planting reported higher values in the FPT-Product treatments while lower values were measured in the other treatments. The results proved that the FPT extended the release mechanism for phosphorus in the FPT-Product at 10 cm depth in the soil, and rendered phosphorus in both the soil and the solution to be used by plants for an extended period after corn planting.