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On-orbit relative radiometric calibration of optical video satellites without uniform calibration sites

Zhang, Guo, Li, Li Tao, Jiang, Yong Hua, Shi, Xiao Tian
International journal of remote sensing 2019 v.40 no.14 pp. 5454-5474
environmental monitoring, models, radiometry, remote sensing, satellites, snow
The rapid development of optical video satellite constellations provides a new data model for resource and environmental monitoring, and for commercial applications of satellite remote sensing. High-frequency on-orbit relative radiometric calibration is an indispensable means of improving the quality of raw frames. However, the conventional on-orbit calibration method relies on a uniform field (e.g. desert, snow, clouds, etc.), which renders it unable to perform high-frequency radiometric calibration. Here, a method of on-orbit relative radiometric calibration without uniform calibration sites for optical video satellites is proposed taking into consideration the high frame-rate characteristics of video satellites. The method can be applied using any multi-frame data, it does not require a uniform field, it is not affected by the type of field, and it can achieve near-real-time, high-frequency calibration of video satellites. Moreover, this approach is expected to increase the frequency of on-orbit radiometric calibrations while reducing the associated costs. Our results suggest that the proposed method can effectively calibrate the non-uniformity of each sensor detector, and the compensation effect is equivalent to the on-orbit calibration method based on uniform sites.