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Antioxidant and signaling functions of the plastoquinone pool in higher plants

Borisova‐Mubarakshina, Maria M., Vetoshkina, Daria V., Ivanov, Boris N.
Physiologia plantarum 2019 v.166 no.1 pp. 181-198
antioxidant activity, benzoquinones, chemical reactions, hydrogen peroxide
The review covers data representing the plastoquinone pool as the component integrated in plant antioxidant defense and plant signaling. The main goal of the review is to discuss the evidence describing the plastoquinone‐involved biochemical reactions, which are incorporated in maintaining the sustainability of higher plants to stress conditions. In this context, the analysis of the reactions of various redox forms of plastoquinone with oxygen species is presented. The review describes how these reactions can constitute both the antioxidant and signaling functions of the pool. Special attention is paid to the reaction of superoxide anion radicals with plastohydroquinone molecules, producing hydrogen peroxide as signal molecules. Attention is also given to the processes affecting the redox state of the plastoquinone pool because the redox state of the pool is of special importance for antioxidant defense and signaling.