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Genetic variability and phylogenetic analysis of hosta virus X

Fajolu, O. L., Wen, R.-H., Windham, A. S., Windham, M. T., Moulton, J. K., Hajimorad, M. R.
Archives of virology 2009 v.154 no.12 pp. 1909-1916
Flexiviridae, Hosta virus X, amino acid sequences, genes, genetic variation, phylogeny, sequence analysis, Tennessee
Triple gene block 1 (TGB1) and coat protein (CP) sequences of 30 hosta virus X (HVX) isolates from Tennessee (TN), USA, were determined and compared with available sequences in GenBank. The CPs of all known HVX isolates, including those from TN, shared 98.3-100% and 98.2-100% nucleotide and amino acid sequence identity, respectively, whereas TGB1 shared 97.4-100% nucleotide and 97-100% amino acid sequence identity. TGB1 of TN isolates were all longer by one codon from that of a Korean isolate, which is the only sequence publicly available. Phylogenetic analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences of TGB1 and CP of all known HVX isolates, separately or combined, revealed a close relationship, suggesting that all of them are derived from a common ancestor. Phylogenetic analysis with the type member of each genus of the family Flexiviridae confirmed that HVX is a member of a distinct species of the genus Potexvirus.