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A trypsin inhibitor-like protein secreted by Cotesia vestalis teratocytes inhibits hemolymph prophenoloxidase activation of Plutella xylostella

Gu, Qi-juan, Zhou, Shi-min, Zhou, Yue-nan, Huang, Jian-hua, Shi, Min, Chen, Xue-xin
Journal of insect physiology 2019 v.116 pp. 41-48
Cotesia, Plutella xylostella, dose response, endoparasitoids, genes, hemolymph, humoral immunity, immune response, insect physiology, melanization, prophenoloxidase, teratocytes, trypsin, wasps
To establish successful infections, endoparasitoid wasps must develop strategies to evade immune responses of the host. Here, we identified and characterized a teratocytes-expressed gene encoding a trypsin inhibitor-like protein containing a cysteine-rich domain from Cotesia vestalis, CvT-TIL. CvT-TIL had a high expression level during the later developmental stage of teratocytes and was secreted into host hemolymph. Further experiments showed CvT-TIL strongly suppressed the prophenoloxidase activation of host hemolymph in a dose-dependent manner by interacting with PxPAP3 of PO cascade. Our results not only provide evidence for an inhibition between CvT-TIL gene and the host’s melanization activity, but also expand our knowledge about the mechanisms by which parasitoids regulate humoral immunity of the host.