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Winner determination of loss-averse buyers with incomplete information in multiattribute reverse auctions for clean energy device procurement

Qian, Xiaohu, Fang, Shu-Cherng, Huang, Min, Wang, Xingwei
Energy 2019 v.177 pp. 276-292
auctions, clean energy, decision making, energy industry, environmental impact, experts, markets, risk, utilities, variance
Clean energy is an important source to mitigate the pressure of resources shortage and environmental effects. While multiattribute reverse auction is frequently adopted for the procurement efficiency of clean energy devices, the associated winner determination problem is explicitly studied for a utility company/buyer to select the most appropriate supplier in the clean energy market. Considering the buyer's loss-averse behavior with incomplete information and suppliers' conflicting attributes in different types evaluated by multiple experts, we incorporate an IULOWAf (induced uncertain linguistic ordered weighted averaging) operator and a revised TODIM (an acronym in Portuguese of Interactive and Multi-attribute Decision Making) measure that is consistent with prospect theory into the “benefits, opportunities, costs and risks” (BOCR) framework to develop a novel BOCR-uRTODIM solution method for multi-attribute decision making. Numerical experiments illustrate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed method by comparing it with some known methods. An interesting result indicates that the risk aversion degree of the buyer increases as the variance of suppliers' attributes expands. The BOCR-uRTODIM could be a useful tool for utility companies to avoid losses and for associated suppliers to improve their attributes for a win in the clean energy industry.