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Ten years working together for a sustainable world, dedicated to the 6th IWACP: Introductory article

Giannetti, B.F., Agostinho, F., Almeida, C.M.V.B., Yang, Zhifeng, Liu, Gengyuan, Wang, Yutao, Huisingh, D.
Journal of cleaner production 2019 v.226 pp. 866-873
closed loop systems, emissions, energy use and consumption, environmental assessment, trade, Brazil
This special volume of the JCLP is mainly built upon articles presented at the 6th International Workshop Advances in Cleaner Production held in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2017. The event had provided a progressive interdisciplinary meeting for knowledge advance and information trade. Papers in this issue cover a broad range of perspectives of cleaner production strategies and practices, and a special focus was placed upon the type of contribution – practical, conceptual/practical, conceptual - and the scale of their coverage – local, regional and global. The papers provide understanding on the research intended to systematically include cleaner production in the path sustainability, and identifies the extent to which cleaner production practitioners directly and indirectly provide local, regional and global solutions. Key results of this introductory article include research on: efficient and responsive use of energy and resources; the search for reduced emissions, the role of managerial support and environmental assessments, and the implementation/analysis of closed-loop systems of materials.