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Biodiesel synthesis from microalgae (Anabaena PCC 7120) by using barium titanium oxide (Ba2TiO4) solid base catalyst

Singh, Reena, Kumar, Ashutosh, Sharma, Yogesh Chandra
Bioresource technology 2019 v.287 pp. 121357
Anabaena, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, barium, biodiesel, catalysts, degumming, energy-dispersive X-ray analysis, feedstocks, fuel production, microalgae, mixing, oils, scanning electron microscopy, surface area, temperature, thermogravimetry, titanium dioxide, titration, transesterification
In this study, Anabaena PCC 7120 microalgae is used as feedstock for biodiesel synthesis. Anabaena 7120 was cultivated in a closed photobioreactor. Oil was extracted by cell disruption process and purified by degumming process. Anabaena oil was characterized by GCMS spectroscopy. Barium titanium oxide (Ba2TiO4) heterogeneous catalyst was prepared by wet impregnation process and characterized through various techniques such as TGA, XRD, FTIR, HR-SEM, EDX and surface area analyzer. Basicity of synthesized catalyst was calculated by Hammett indicator titration method. The synthesized Ba2TiO4 was used in transesterification of Anabaena oil for biodiesel production and it was reused up to six cycles. The highest FAME conversion from anabaena oil was found to be 98.41% under optimized condition of 1:18 M ratio (oil:methanol), 3.5 wt% of catalyst loading and 180 min of reaction time at 65 °C temperature and 400 rpm stirring speed.