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The first reference transcriptome assembly of the stalked barnacle, Neolepas marisindica, from the Onnuri Vent Field on the Central Indian Ridge

Ryu, Taewoo, Woo, Seonock, Lee, Nayoung
Marine genomics 2019
Arthropoda, ecosystems, evolution, genes, new species, transcriptome
Neolepas marisindica (Arthropoda; Scalpellomorpha; Eolepadidae) is a deep-sea stalked barnacle, previously reported as a new species, found along the Central Indian Ridge. It is morphologically distinct from N. zevinae and N. rapanuii, which are found in the Pacific. We sequenced the transcriptome assembly of N. marisindica from individuals collected at a depth of 2022 m off the Onnuri Vent Field on the Central Indian Ridge by video-guided hydraulic grab from the research vessel ISABU (RV ISABU). We sequenced the transcriptome using the Illumina HiSeq X System. De novo assembly and analysis of coding regions predicted 26,201 coding sequences. The reference assembly of N. marisindica will be a valuable resource for future investigations into the ecological characteristics of this species in hydrothermal vent ecosystems. Furthermore, examining the features of hydrothermal vents with functional gene analyses will provide useful information regarding environmental interactions or evolution processes in organisms that inhabit deep-sea hydrothermal vents.