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Land system science and the 2030 agenda: exploring knowledge that supports sustainability transformation

Ehrensperger, Albrecht, de Bremond, Ariane, Providoli, Isabelle, Messerli, Peter
Current opinion in environmental sustainability 2019 v.38 pp. 68-76
climate, food security, issues and policy, land resources, poverty, scientists
Implementing the 2030 Agenda may well translate into competing claims on scarce land resources. Thus, there is a call for a better linkage of science, policy, and practice to navigate development trade-offs and use co-benefits. We found that since 2015, scientists formally associated as members to the Global Land Programme (GLP) have mainly researched on topics that are relevant to the 2030 Agenda, but only half of the sampled publications actually address interactions between its targets. Of those, many are concentrating on the interactions between climate action, environmental targets, and food security, while interactions between land-related issues and poverty are addressed much less often. Our results point to opportunities for further strengthening GLP’s capacity to engage in transdisciplinary dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration and respond to the knowledge needs of societal partners.