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Biogenic amine production of makgeollis with controlled alcohol concentrations

Choi, Jeong Sil, Jeong, Seok Tae, Lee, Hyun Sook, Lee, Byung-Hoo, Kim, Soon Mi
Food science and biotechnology 2019 v.28 no.3 pp. 923-930
acidity, hygiene, lactic acid bacteria, pH, storage temperature, summer, tyramine
In this study, we examined the effects of controlling the alcohol concentration of non-sterilized makgeolli on the levels of biogenic amines (BAs) as an indicator of hygiene. Makgeollis were prepared at four different alcohol concentrations (5.73–13.17%) and stored at 20 °C for 30 days. Makgeollis with low alcohol contents (5.73–8.07%) showed significant variations in alcohol and BA concentrations, volatile acid contents, pH, total acidity, and lactic acid bacteria counts under these conditions. In contrast, makgeollis with alcohol contents of 11.47% or more showed no significant changes. In low-alcohol makgeollis, the produced BA was mostly tyramine, which increased dramatically on day 20 of storage in makgeolli containing 5.73% alcohol and on day 30 in makgeolli containing 8.07% alcohol. These results indicated that makgeolli could be stored for long periods at high temperatures, such as those during summer, by controlling the alcohol concentration.