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Mapping and identification of CsUp, a gene encoding an Auxilin-like protein, as a putative candidate gene for the upward-pedicel mutation (up) in cucumber

Sun, Jingxian, Xiao, Tingting, Nie, Jingtao, Chen, Yue, Lv, Duo, Pan, Ming, Gao, Qifan, Guo, Chunli, Zhang, Leyu, He, Huan-Le, Lian, Hongli, Pan, Junsong, Cai, Run, Wang, Gang
BMC plant biology 2019 v.19 no.1 pp. 157
amino acids, chromosomes, cucumbers, exons, female flowers, frameshift mutation, genetic analysis, genomics, inbred lines, molecular cloning, mutants, pedicel, proteins, seed yield, sequence analysis, stop codon
BACKGROUND: Pedicel orientation can affect the female flower orientation and seed yield in cucumber. A spontaneous mutant possessing upward growth of pedicels was identified in the wild type inbred strain 9930 and named upward-pedicel (up). The morphological and genetic analyses of up were performed in this study. In order to clone the up gene, 933 F₂ individuals and 524 BC₁ individuals derived from C-8-6 (WT) and up were used for map-based cloning. RESULTS: up was mapped to a 35.2 kb physical interval on chromosome 1, which contains three predicted genes. Sequencing analysis revealed that a 5-bp deletion was found in the second exon of Csa1G535800, and it led to a frameshift mutation resulting in a premature stop codon. The candidate gene of CsUp (Csa1G535800) was further confirmed via genomic and cDNA sequencing in biparental and natural cucumber populations. Sequencing data showed that a 4-bp deletion was found in the sixth exon of Csa1G535800 in CGN19839, another inbred line, and there was also a mutation of an amino acid in Csa1G535800 that could contribute to the upward growth of pedicels in CGN19839. Moreover, it was found that Csa1G535800 exhibited strong expression in the pedicel of WT, suggesting its important role in development of pedicel orientation. Thus, Csa1G535800 was considered to be the candidate gene of CsUp. CONCLUSIONS: CsUp encodes an Auxilin-like protein and controls pedicel orientation in cucumber. The identification of CsUp may help us to understand the mechanism of pedicel orientation development and allow for investigation of novel functions of Auxilin-like proteins in cucumber.