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Competition-density effect of tree organs in Acacia auriculiformis stands

Feng, Huifang, Xue, Li
Journal of forestry research 2019 v.30 no.3 pp. 891-898
Acacia auriculiformis, equations, leaf area, leaf mass, leaves, mass density, plant density, trees
The competition-density (C-D) effects for mean mass for tree, stem, branch and leaf were analyzed in Acacia auriculiformis stands. Mean tree mass-density and mean organ mass-density were well explained by the C-D equation of tree and the C-D equation of tree organ, respectively. An equation describing the relationship between mean leaf area u and density was formulated that fit the u-data well. The relationship between mean tree mass w and the ratio of each organ to mean tree mass (wₒ/w) was examined. With increasing w, the stem mass ratio wS/w increased, whereas the branch mass ratio wB/w and the leaf mass ratio wL/w decreased. The yield difference between the lowest-density stand and the high-density stand became greater with stand growth. However, the yield of the mid-density stand was slightly lower than the yield of the high-density stand during the experimental period. To produce the most desirable combination of demanding individual-tree size and relative high stem yield, the mid-density is recommended as proper planting density for future management of A. auriculiformis stands.