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Rapid detection and characterization of the major chemical constituents in Akebia quinata by high performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Ling, Yun, Zhang, Yaping, Zhou, Yu, Jiang, Dengzhao, Xu, Lingling, Liao, Liang
Analytical methods 2016 v.8 no.12 pp. 2634-2644
Akebia quinata, Oriental traditional medicine, analgesics, chemical composition, high performance liquid chromatography, ionization, rapid methods, tandem mass spectrometry, triterpenoid saponins
The stem of Akebia quinata (SAQ) has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antiphlogistic, a diuretic, and an analgesic. However, its multiple chemical constituents remained unknown. In this study, we conducted high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionisation and quadrupole time-of-flight-mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS/MS) analysis to comprehensively profile chemical constituents in SAQ. A total of 34 compounds were identified or tentatively characterized, including scopolin, calceolarioside B and 32 triterpene saponins, of which 10 triterpene saponins from SAQ were reported for the first time and were characterized as potential new compounds. This study provides a good example for the rapid identification of multiple chemical constituents in complex samples by HPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS/MS without tedious and time-consuming isolation of each pure constituent from the crude extract.