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Surface acoustic wave devices for chemical sensing and microfluidics: a review and perspective

Go, David B., Atashbar, Massood Z., Ramshani, Zeinab, Chang, Hsueh-Chia
Analytical methods 2017 v.9 no.28 pp. 4112-4134
analytical methods, atomization, cell adhesion, crystals, liquids, microfluidic technology, mixing, sounds
Surface acoustic waves (SAWs) are electro-mechanical waves that form on the surface of piezoelectric crystals. Because they are easy to construct and operate, SAW devices have proven to be versatile and powerful platforms for either direct chemical sensing or for upstream microfluidic processing and sample preparation. This review summarizes recent advances in the development of SAW devices for chemical sensing and analysis. The use of SAW techniques for chemical detection in both gaseous and liquid media is discussed, as well as recent fabrication advances that are pointing the way for the next generation of SAW sensors. Similarly, applications and progress in using SAW devices as microfluidic platforms are covered, ranging from atomization and mixing to new approaches to lysing and cell adhesion studies. Finally, potential new directions and perspectives of the field as it moves forward are offered, with a specific focus on potential strategies for making SAW technologies for bioanalytical applications.