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Color-changing smart fibrous materials for naked eye real-time monitoring of wound pH

Pan, Nan, Qin, Juanrong, Feng, Pingping, Li, Zeke, Song, Botao
Journal of materials chemistry B 2019 v.7 no.16 pp. 2626-2633
bacterial infections, color, curcumin, humans, image analysis, mobile telephones, monitoring, pH, tissue repair, wound treatment
Real-time monitoring of wound pH may provide information about the wound healing status and potential bacterial infection. Herein, we integrated the biocompatible color changing substance curcumin into a fibrous material, capable of in situ real-time visually monitoring the wound pH. The results indicate that the curcumin-loaded fibrous mat exhibits an obvious pH-dependent color change from yellow to red brown with a change in pH from 6.0 to 9.0, which can be easily detected by the human naked eye. Moreover, the wound pH conditions can be determined with the aid of a smart phone App after image analysis. Due to their flexibility, the fibrous materials have been further processed into various shapes from 1D to 3D for fitting the irregular wounds. It is believed that smart fibrous materials that can simultaneously real-time monitor the wound pH and repair the wound may change wound management to a convenient and comfortable way.