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The Peat-Forming Process in an Oligotrophic Bog in the Impact Zone of a Gas Flare in Western Siberia

Yusupov, I. A., Panova, N. K., Antipina, T. G.
Russian journal of ecology 2019 v.50 no.1 pp. 1-12
acidity, air, ash content, bogs, eutrophication, peat, rooting, temperature, Siberia
We have studied the upper layer of a peat deposit that was formed in the gradient of a gas flare impact on an oligotrophic bog in Western Siberia more than 20 years ago. Changes in the temperature parameters of surface air and the rooting peat horizon, as well as an increase in the degree of decomposition and ash content, a decrease in the bog water level and acidity of the upper layer of the peat deposit in the impact zone of flare, have been recorded. The relationship of changes in the hydrological and temperature regimens with changes in the peat composition and properties is shown. The botanical and spore-and-pollen analyses have revealed a trend in the reciprocal development of the upper horizon of the oligotrophic peat deposit towards eutrophication: the change in the fuscum peat for moss–dwarf-shrub peat.