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Effect of cross-linking on characteristics of succinylated and oxidized barley starch

Mehfooz, Tooba, Ali, Tahira Mohsin, Hasnain, Abid
Journal of food measurement & characterization 2019 v.13 no.2 pp. 1058-1069
barley, barley starch, cold, crosslinking, functional properties, gels, modified starch, oxidation, retrogradation, solubility, swelling (materials), viscosity
Barley starch was modified by cross-linking, oxidation and succinylation. Oxidized and succinylated starches were further cross-linked to achieve dual modified starches. Native and modified barley starches were investigated for physicochemical and functional properties. Results revealed that succinylated barley starch showed higher swelling power, solubility, water retention, viscosity and lower tendency to form gels. Higher paste clarity was observed for oxidized barley, oxidized-crosslinked and succinylated-crosslinked barley starches upon storage of 168 h. Delayed retrogradation was observed in case of succinylated, oxidized-crosslinked and succinylated-crosslinked barley starches. Cross-linked starches (single and dual modified) were observed to have reduced swelling power, solubility and water retention. Cold paste viscosity was drastically reduced in case of cross-linked starch. Modifications were further confirmed by crystalline to amorphous phase ratio which was 2.018 for native barley starch determining highly ordered structure as compared to other modified forms.