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Current developments in the production of fungal biological control agents by solid-state fermentation using organic solid waste

Sala, Arnau, Barrena, Raquel, Artola, Adriana, Sánchez, Antoni
Critical reviews in environmental science and technology 2019 v.49 no.8 pp. 655-694
Beauveria, Trichoderma, agricultural wastes, biological control, biological control agents, entomopathogenic fungi, pests, solid state fermentation, solid wastes, submerged fermentation
Biological control agents are slowly and steadily replacing traditional chemical pesticides. Among them, fungal entomopathogens have assumed a key role in controlling a growing number of pests. Research on fungal entomopathogens has expanded constantly during the last decades, confirming real interest in their biocontrol potential. The production of fungal entomopathogens by solid-state fermentation has arisen as a sustainable production method, which is slowly becoming preferred over submerged fermentation considering the advantage of using of agro-industrial wastes as substrates. This review discusses relevant studies on fungal entomopathogens, with a special interest in their production as biocontrol agents by solid-state fermentation processes, including reactors used and operational conditions, focusing mainly on the two most-used fungal entomopathogens worldwide, Beauveria spp. and Trichoderma spp.