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Study on the Efficient Production of Ozone Water by a Rotating Packed Bed

Liu, Taoran, Wang, Dan, Wang, Wei, Liang, Qi, Shao, Lei
Industrial & engineering chemistry process design and development 2019 v.58 no.17 pp. 7227-7232
absorption, liquids, mass transfer, ozone, process design
This work employed a rotating packed bed (RPB) as an ozone contactor to produce ozone water. The effects of various operating conditions including the rotational speed of RPB, the gas and liquid volumetric flow rate, the concentration of gaseous ozone, and liquid treatment capacity of the packing on the quality of ozone water and the volumetric mass-transfer coefficient were investigated. The contrast experiments between the RPB and a stirred tank reactor (STR) reveal that ozone concentration in the ozone water produced by the RPB reached 77% of the saturated ozone concentration in water, compared to only 49% by the STR. The RPB not only shows a high absorption efficiency for ozone, but also exhibits the advantages of fast and continuous operation, making it an efficient ozone contactor for the production of ozone water.