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Automated chromatographic method with fluorescent detection to determine biogenic amines and amino acids. Application to craft beer brewing process

Palomino-Vasco, Mónica, Acedo-Valenzuela, María Isabel, Rodríguez-Cáceres, María Isabel, Mora-Diez, Nielene
Journal of chromatography 2019 v.1601 pp. 155-163
amino acids, automation, beers, biogenic amines, brewing, derivatization, detection limit, experimental design, fermentation, fluorescence, high performance liquid chromatography, ultra-performance liquid chromatography, wines
The combined determination of biogenic amines and amino acids is a challenge for food scientists. In this research, a new methodology for the automatic on-line precolumn derivatization and determination of 8 biogenic amines and 9 precursor amino acids by Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography with fluorescent detection has been developed. The method derivatized the analytes with o-phthaldialdehyde and achieved the separation of the 17 derivatives in less than 15 min, obtaining good quality parameters (limits of detection varied between 7.00 and 210 μg L−1, and RSD intraday ranged between 1.5 and 6.0%). The optimization of the derivatization procedure has been carried out employing an experimental design and the Surface Response Methodology. The method has been validated and applied to wine and beer, obtaining good recuperation percentages (72.3–138.4%). Also, samples collected during the fermentation of a craft beer, as well as a bottled sample of the same batch, have been analyzed, to monitor the changes in the profile of biogenic amines and amino acids.