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Development of easy, simple and low-cost preparation of highly purified phytoglycogen nanoparticles from corn

Xue, Jingyi, Inzero, Justine, Hu, Qiaobin, Wang, Taoran, Wusigale,, Luo, Yangchao
Food hydrocolloids 2019 v.95 pp. 256-261
corn, cost effectiveness, gastric juice, glucose, heat treatment, hulling, hydrocolloids, in vitro digestion, intestines, lipids, nanoparticles, pH, pancreatin, particle size, polysaccharides, protein content, proteins
Phytoglycogen (PG) is a plant-based carbohydrate nanoparticle comprising of highly branched glucose monomers. In this study, we have compared three commonly used methods varying in the removal process of proteins and lipids, and developed a novel extraction/purification approach to obtain highly purified PG nanoparticles via a simple, easy, cost-efficient process combining dehulling, pH adjustment, and thermal treatment. The resulting four PG samples were subject to comprehensive characterizations, including colloidal and particulate properties, purify measurement and morphological observation. PG nanoparticles obtained from the new approach had a uniform particle size of 75 nm with less than 1% of protein impurity and more than 98.8% polysaccharide content, for which the purity was significantly higher than the other three conventional methods. In addition, the stability in simulated gastrointestinal fluids was tested for the first time and a rapid digestion behavior of PG nanoparticles under intestinal condition with the presence of pancreatin was revealed.