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Reduction of persistent photoconductivity in a few-layer MoS₂ field-effect transistor by graphene oxide functionalization

Rathi, Neha, Rathi, Servin, Lee, Inyeal, Wang, Jianwei, Kang, Moonshik, Lim, Dongsuk, Khan, Muhammad Atif, Lee, Yoontae, Kim, Gil-Ho
RSC advances 2016 v.6 no.28 pp. 23961-23967
electrostatic interactions, graphene oxide, molybdenum disulfide, transistors
We functionalized two-dimensional few-layer MoS₂ based FET with graphene oxide (GO) in order to improve its persistent photoconductivity and photoresponse time. Both pristine and GO functionalized devices show n-type semiconductor behavior with high on/off ratio exceeding ∼10⁵. The photoresponse of the GO–MoS₂ hybrid device shows almost complete recovery from persistent photoconductivity and a substantial decrease in response time from ∼15 s in the pristine MoS₂ device to ∼1 s in the GO–MoS₂ device. The reasons behind this improvement have been explored and discussed on the basis of electrostatic and photo interaction between GO and MoS₂. As GO is a strong candidate for various sensing applications, therefore this intelligent hybrid system, where GO interacts electrostatically with the underlying MoS₂ channel, has tremendous potential to add more functionalities to a pristine MoS₂ device for realizing various smart nanoscale FET-based biochemical and gas sensors for myriad applications.