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A critical review of volatile fatty acids produced from waste activated sludge: enhanced strategies and its applications

Luo, Kun, Pang, Ya, Yang, Qi, Wang, Dongbo, Li, Xue, Lei, Min, Huang, Qi
Environmental science and pollution research international 2019 v.26 no.14 pp. 13984-13998
activated sludge, algae, anaerobic digestion, animal manures, hydrolysis, methane production, municipal solid waste, solubilization, volatile fatty acids
This paper reviews the recent achievements in the enhanced production of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) from waste activated sludge (WAS). The enhanced strategies are divided into two approaches. The first strategy focuses on the regulation of carbon-to-nitrogen (C/N) ratio by co-digestion of WAS with carbon-rich substrates, including municipal solid wastes (MSW), marine algae, agricultural residues, and animal manures. The other strategy is to enhance the solubilization and hydrolysis of WAS or inhibit the methanogenesis by applying various pretreatments, such as mechanical, chemical, enzymatic, and thermal pretreatment. Finally, the applications of WAS-derived VFAs are discussed. The future researches in enhancing VFAs production and wide application of the VFAs from both technical and economic perspectives are proposed.