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The synergetic effect of dual co-catalysts on the photocatalytic activity of square-like WO₃ with different exposed facets

Gong, Huihua, Cao, Yue, Zhang, Yifeng, Zhang, Yu, Liu, Kewei, Cao, Hongmei, Yan, Hongjian
RSC advances 2017 v.7 no.31 pp. 19019-19025
electrons, light, oxidation, photocatalysis, photocatalysts, preferential flow, synergism, tungsten oxide
Here we report the controlled selective deposition of Pt and PbOₓ dual-cocatalysts on the edged (200) and (020) facets and the main (002) facets of square-like WO₃ nanoplates, respectively. The remarkably enhanced photocatalytic activities were observed for such assembled photocatalysts in photocatalytic water oxidation. The superior performance can be attributed to not only the light-induced preferential flow of photogenerated electrons and holes onto different facets of the square-like WO₃, thus leading to the reduction and oxidation reactions taking place on the corresponding edged and major top facets, but also the selective deposition of suitable oxidation and reduction cocatalysts onto the needed facets of square-like WO₃ to reduce the charge recombination and catalyze the redox reactions. These findings will be promising and intriguing for designing high efficiency WO₃ system for visible light water splitting.