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Dual shelled Fe₃O₄/polydopamine hollow microspheres as an effective Eu(iii) adsorbent

Fang, Qunling, Duan, Shengxia, Zhang, Jianfeng, Li, Jiaxing, Leung, Ken Cham-Fai
Journal of materials chemistry A 2017 v.5 no.6 pp. 2947-2958
adsorbents, adsorption, aqueous solutions, dopamine, europium, iron oxides, magnetic materials, microparticles, nanoparticles, polymerization
A facile method was developed to synthesize Fe₃O₄/polydopamine (PDA) dual shelled microspheres with a hollow interior. Since the final product was obtained by in situ polymerization of dopamine (DA) on the surface of a hollow Fe₃O₄ spherical template, the average size of the hybrid microspheres was tunable by manipulating both the Fe₃O₄ size and the PDA shell thickness. Due to the hollow interior and the compatible surface, the Fe₃O₄/PDA demonstrated excellent adsorption performance for Eu(iii) ion removal (151.05 mg g⁻¹) in aqueous solution. In comparison to pristine Fe₃O₄ hollow spheres, the dual shelled particles exhibited a faster adsorption dynamic process and a higher adsorption capacity for Eu(iii) entrapment. Simultaneously, the Fe₃O₄/polydopamine (PDA) also exhibits a higher adsorption capacity for Eu(iii) entrapment compared with that of other magnetic materials. This method was also effective for synthesizing other kinds of PDA shell encapsulated core/shell nanoparticles.