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Change detection in urban areas from remote sensing data: a multidimensional classification scheme

Si Salah, Hayet, Ait-Aoudia, Samy, Rezgui, Abdelmounaam, Goldin, Sally E.
International journal of remote sensing 2019 v.40 no.17 pp. 6635-6679
remote sensing, spatial data, urban areas
Change detection (CD) from remote sensing data is a very challenging research problem, especially when we analyse an urban scene. Urban scenes are composed of many different types of objects, both natural and man-made. The building class is one of the important and most complex classes to analyse, important because it is useful for so many applications and complex because it exhibits many changes due to human activity and natural catastrophes. For these reasons, we focus our study on building change detection (BCD). In this paper we propose a classification scheme for BCD research according to several important dimensions including objective, input data, temporal resolution, analysis unit, target output unit, building features, processing technique, change categories, and assessment of results. This classification scheme can guide practitioners in choosing appropriate change detection methods to achieve their goals as well as informing new research efforts. Based on this multidimensional characterisation of BCD, we offer a number of suggestions for further work to be done in this field.