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Semi‐refined carrageenan film incorporated with α‐tocopherol: Application in food model

Abd Hamid, Khadijah Husna, Wan Yahaya, Wan Amnin, Mohd Saupy, Nur ‘Alia Zaini, Almajano, María Pilar, Mohd Azman, Nurul Aini
Journal of food processing and preservation 2019 v.43 no.5 pp. e13937
active food packaging, alpha-tocopherol, antioxidants, biodegradability, biopolymers, carrageenan, color, gels, glycerol, lipid peroxidation, lipids, malondialdehyde, meat patties, microstructure, model food systems, oils, pH, packaging films, plasticizers, plastics, shelf life, storage time, thermal stability, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances, wastes
Semi‐refined carrageenan (SRC) film plasticized with glycerol and incorporated with α‐tocopherol was prepared for food packaging application. Functional characterization, thermal stability, and microstructure of SRC‐based films were analyzed. The effects of antioxidant α‐tocopherol from SRC‐based film were studied based on thiobarbituric acid‐reactive substance assay, metmyoglobin assay, and pH value in food model (meat patties) for 12 days of storage. The development of lipid oxidation was delayed in the meat patties wrapped with antioxidant films during the storage with the final value of 0.68–0.37 mg malondialdehyde/kg sample. A less than 50% brown color development (metmyoglobin) of the meat patties wrapped with antioxidant film was observed in the first nine days of storage. Hence, the incorporation of α‐tocopherol into the SRC‐based film could be an alternative way to prolong the shelf life of food product, reducing the use of synthetic preservative directly into food product. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Recent strategy on the development of biodegradable film for food packaging is important as an alternative to the petrochemical‐derived plastic that is harmful to the environment. SRC is one of the potential biopolymers that has the ability to form a strong gel and provides efficient barrier against gas, lipids, and oils, and addition of plasticizer glycerol into SRC enhanced mechanical and barrier properties of the films. The present study showed the potential of α‐tocopherol within the SRC film plasticized with glycerol as active packaging on the film characteristics and increased the shelf life of meat patties. Hence, the active packaging film developed is not only contributes to reduce plastic waste discharged to environment but can be a potential substitute of synthetic preservative in food.